new old bike *PICS*

i just got a bianchi virata late 90s with shimano 105 components and a DOORA-ASS wheelset
for hella cheap what do you have to say about that? :colbert:

damn you.

im just gonna use it as a rain bike for the winter and then who knows, this is my first time riding on CF so im kinda worried im gonna brake it

Don’t convert it. Take pics and show them to us, because I had forgotten that those were ever carbon fiber.

im not gonna convert it although its used and the dual control levers are a little finicky to work sometimes
the dura hubs are my fav also strange spoke work

How much you paid?

a toshiba laptop an 60 bux
portege 2000


Hey bicycle.

pictures or you are fuuuuuucked

i will take some tommorow

ok i finally took some pics of her

dura ace hubs o yeah

the rear hub is half radially and half cross spoked very strange

the front triangle is made of beautiful carbon attached by plain ol lugs

now this bike aint BOMB ‘O’ ROOF but its fucking fast

that stem looks so awkward…
i like those rims though.

I like the pool ! could be a little deeper for my liking

S’cool :colbert:

damn good score dude! those hubs make it worth the trouble. i love my dura ace hubs.

yeh the stem is a little wonky but i have a suntour bar / stem im gonnna put on along with a new saddle

how cheap is “hella cheap” ?

it is cool and I’d ride the hell out of it but DAMN! That shit is uuuuggggglllllyyyy!!!

hey dont talk about her like that shes very self concious of her image!