New Rivendell Reader

I’ve never read a full issue before. There’s all kinds of good stuff in here.

Ooo. Thanks, mander. Gonna sit around in a tweed jacket tonight and read this.

<3 mander

nice read so far.

it’s like the surfer’s journal of cycling.

Don’t forget your calabash.

Get me into pipes.


That’s TAF rusty

I just printed the Reader out on the laser printer at work.
Gonna put it in my bathroom for terlit readin’.

Thanks for the heads-up.

i printed off the last issue (tuff tymes?) at work and read it on a plane trip. it was ok, i guess

last one was pretty fucking mediocre.


Grant’s carbon hate is in full force.

very much enjoyed the article on the Waterbury, CT bagmaker. That’s near me! and news of a boxy handlebar bag to soon become available, and made very close to me is very exciting.

I am pleased to know that in five or six years, there won’t be any more carbon bikes.


Thanks Mander. Was a good read, will probably read again. Loved the retrospective on the bike industry and bike trends from the original Earth Day in 1970 and onwards.

[quote=halbritt]I am pleased to know that in five or six years, there won’t be any more carbon bikes.

but… plastic… carbon based polymer… brainmelt

He goes on and on about snapped carbon forks, but honestly I’ve heard very little about this.

It’s certainly a concern I have with respect to carbon fiber - I’ve played with it a lot in a non-cycling context and as a result, it’s not my bicycle frame material of choice - but have not really read too many accounts of carbon forks snapping.

It’s a bit hard to believe companies would bring such an allegedly dangerous material to market, and promote it so broadly, given the extremely litigious nature of modern (American) society.

went by the rivendell shop a couple months back. only place that had brown cloth tape