New Velocity graphics

and hubs!

I swear to god, if anyone on this board buys these, you’re banned.

mother fucker. I just came from fixednyc to post this

I’d put the rattlesnake ones and a red bandana top tube pad on a black Langster (with the skull graphics) and mount a boombox on a rear rack and then ride around blasting Guns’n’Roses.

Wow, I don’t like a single one of those. fail.

I wouldn’t EVER buy any of those, but I do kind of like the fish ones, Maybe I’d buy one to hang on the wall or something.

They’re all completely awesome.
I would ride any one of those wheels if it were free, but I’d never in a million years pay for one.

well yeah, who wouldn’t

lol @ the eyeballs

tribal graphics on veeps? lol?

i still think nothing is worse than the wood looking ones…

i just got a pair of the argyle ones!!

They’re all awful.

I kinda dig the one with all the Vs

Reminds me of Louis Vuitton (sp?)

As designs they’re not bad. As something on my bike? f’ing never.

i’m sure they’ll cost 100 more than a normal veep wheelset as well.

argyle, stereolab dots, and flowers I kinda like. but NOT on a wheel. maybe as a seat cover for an ironic cruiser bike.

Come on fuckers. Someone else has to like the fish. They’re fun.

the hubs look interesting. rip off DA7600s? Are they loose ball?

that shit is stupid…