NEWJ AKET (recommend me a winter jacket that doesn't break)

i have a jacket problem. both of the “nice” cycling jackets i’ve owned have zippers that appear to disintegrate into nonexistence in short order. i’m pretty sure i’ve read every jacket review thread posted up in reviews, but i want a more comprehensive overview here.

i’m trying to find a winter jacket (suitable for most anything below 40F). i run hot so i don’t need some $450 castelli steeze to stay warm. i’m going to use it for commuting and long weekend rides, so durability is important.

list of things i care about from most important to least important

  1. zipper that doesn’t break
  2. will last more than two years
  3. well-ventilated/breathable
  4. warm
  5. water-resistant (not a huge factor)
  6. pocket position/number/size
  7. color
  8. weight

tl;dr: have any of you people had a jacket you like with a zipper that still works? tell me what it is please!

This thread is relevant to my interests.

Exact same situation as you, including running hot. Been using a waterproof dickies jawn in the interim, but looking for something that is a little more attractive off the bike. I’ve been thinking about SWRVE’s Milwaukee Jacket? Heard good things.

I run a stoic down jacket and a softshell from them, so far so good.
No zipper issues whatsoever, warm, semi-water repellant (the softshell is better but still not great.) And you can find them on dept of goods for super cheap or backcountry or geartrade.

Milwaukee hoodie is still going strong since 2008.

My Gore Tool is in its third winter, has been crashed a few times, has jersey pockets, pit zips, everything a boy could want in a jacket. I’d recommend it.

EDIT: what were the “nice” cycling jackets you destroyed?

I have two Milwaukee hoodies. So good. Get the lightweight version, the mid and heavyweight versions are overkill unless you’re an idiot and think you’re going to get by with just a tshirt underneath.

thanks guys! gore is leading the pack right now due to max cheapness at $150 for the black on black medium, but i am holding out for other options so keep em coming.

i destroyed a santini space jacket in two months. zipper tore right out of the rest of the jacket and left such a mess behind that i can’t repair it. i emailed monica santini and she was extremely rude. whatever.

most recent casualty was a prorace jacket. this one lasted a little while, but came with a zipper no bigger than a jersey zipper and it just can’t handle being tugged behind a bag strap or zipped up and down twice a day.

edit: realcyclist is giving away a set of gloves free with purchase of the Tool. might have to decide soon.

I will also back SWRVE Milwaukee hoodie. Kind of wish it didn’t have a hood (although it’s nice for non-riding situations) but is US-made and $150, and has nice pit zips to make 40º doable.

TC: I don’t think I’ve ever broken a zipper on anything, ever.

got a gore path II that is just now starting to die. since being relegated to commuter duty, the zipper has started to fuck up. which makes sense… 2 year old garment now seeing 4x the zipping…

i like gore, but the e-vent shit is just so nice.

how insulated is this gore tool jacket? is it like a mandatory mid-layer deal? i had the chance to try on that super super high end gore jacket and while nice, not sure i want to wear a separate midlayer twice a day for commuting

I got one of these a couple weeks ago. Can’t speak for durability, but it’s comfy and cheapish and the sleeves are long enough for cycling.

this is the shit:

the color ain’t the best though

real fucking durable + sickass warranty = win

$110 for a jacket made with eVent?

I take it back. Get that^^ one.

looks like no pit zips, vents…
if so, fuck that.

i could atomic orange

The Gore Tool is quite warm. It fits less like a “jacket” and more like a full-zip jersey. I’ve got it in an XL and only wear a single thin base-layer thickness shirt under it (long or short sleeve). I don’t think I could wear much anything thicker, too tight, especially around my armpits. BUT, I’m 5’10", 220lbs and shaped like a barrel with a beard, so take that into consideration. In contrast I also have a Gore minimalist pac-lite shell cycling rain jacket, also in XL, and I can wear a long-sleeve woolie under it no problem. It’s probably worth it to try it on first or buy from a place that will exchange it should you want another size.

Mine has one of the cuff trim pieces of fabric coming off, need to re-sew it along about 2" of length. Not sure if I snagged it on something or ? Zippers have been totally reliable.

With a thin base layer under it, I ride with is in almost everything down to about 25 degrees or so. It really is that warm, and the windstopper really makes a difference. Often on anything 40 degrees and above I had the front zip partly open and the pit zips totally open by the end of an hour commute (especially if Cat6 racin’)

It’s not waterproof, but water-resistant, and commuting through 35-40 degree Seattle rain it works fine, I got wet from sweat more than rain any time I wore it. Standing around in a downpour or on an all-day rainy ride it will soak through.

The thing is you don’t really need that shit with eVent, it’s pretty hard to actually sweat out of it.

The only times I’ve done it were from wearing too much insulation underneath it for the temp and/or riding shit like fast XC MTB in sheltered woods with a backpack on top.

yeah my gore doesn’t have shit on that novara

i don’t think i could ever get over the amount of ugly going on with that novara jacket

plus clothing/wardrobe tips from buffalo bill :colbert: