Nice, light-ish, street/track worthy wheelset sub-$500?

Sick of the Aerospoke and Deep V. :bear:

I’ve been looking around, Mavic Ellipse have always caught my eye but I would rather build a wheelset up and be a bit more unique. I also don’t want black and would rather a silver rim/black hub combo.

I really have no idea whats just as strong (or almost as strong) as the Veloc-DV that weighs less, other than the Ellipse and some combo of Open Pro. The Deep V’ss certainly did better than I thought, I started riding on them when I was around 270lbs (32h to formulas). I’m at 210 now and over the course of a year they’ve outlasted two frames. I’ve had to get the front trued once after a hit and run accident and the rear trued when a BMXer annihilated a rear spoke.

What I would like to have is high flange hubs, 28h (probably radial) bladed in front and 32 in back 2x, rear hub gotta be double fixed. Gotta stand the rain/snow (mess work) and my weight (although that seems to keep going down).

I’m not really sure what would work best for me. Velocity Fusion to Gran Compe, Aerohead to Compe… all I know is that I definitely don’t want a deep rim in the front.

Your suggestions are appreciated/welcomed and if your in NYC, I’ll buy you a beer. Excuse my wheelset newbality.

if gran compe’s are just formulas then i can vouch for the aerohead/gran compe combo. cheap-ish, tough as hell, light, still rollin smooth after um…3 years in Melbourne rain. ... heels.html ... heels.aspx

I’ve got a pair of these, last year’s version anyway. Stiff as hell and they climb like a motherfucker. They’re 24 radial and 28 2x, bladed Sapim CX spokes, and single-sided fixed.

Check out IRD/KinLin/Speedcific rims (same rim different branding).

I got a IRD Cadence Aero (30mm Deep V style rim, 455g) laced to Formula with Sapim Laser DB spokes and it’s been super tough.

There’s also this: … p-917.html same idea as my IRD rim but 27mm deep so it weighs 430g (around the same weight as an Open Pro). I actually wish I went with that instead of my 30mm deep one because I probably could have afforded a slightly shallower profile…

Those Cane Creak look great, hubs look intense, but in that picture the front isn’t Radial. Only gripe is the rear isn’t dual fixed and I like to change things up.

two frames in a year?
not trying to be a dick but what happened?

edit: just saw in your profile you’re a messenger, and in nyc…

p.s. sell me the old aerospoke then.

I think Gran Compe hubs are only 32/36.
You guys in the States don’t have the Gran Compe wheels?

tarckatina’s suggestion sounds like the best deal so far.

First was a lugged Schwinn road frame, cracked the seat stays at the seat tube. Second was a Cannondale Capo, cracked where the seat tube and top tube meet. Old rusty steel and thin walled aluminum aren’t really meant for a heavy guy doing messenger work.

I know a messenger here who has been doing work on a 90’s Cannondale track forever, even been hit by a car on it and it’s still going. But yeah, steel is the real shit for the streets, good heavy duty stuff that’s been sprayed with FrameSaver.

i was going to suggest ird’s but andre beat me to it. i roll on some dt swiss single eyeleted rims on my road bike and i know a guy who rocks them on his track bike, if you dont mind the braking surface they are really nice rims. something like 430 grams i think? maybe i dont know.

Oh the old tracks are fucking beast, I know two guys that use em for work. Also know a guy that uses a Capo for work, but he’s lighter and not an aggressive rider. The C’Dales with the Optimo tubing (the Capo and I guess all frames made after 2002?) are the ones that seem to have fail stories and are apparently not built as strong.

I’ll rock an alu track frame again, and it probably will be a earlier Cannondale if I can find one for a good price. If not one of those if I could somehow save for custom frame :cough:Yamaguchi:cough:, it’d be that, don’t really like the looks of any current production alu frames.

Back on topic, which Formula’s did you lace your IRD’s to, tarckatina?