No Hands

Am i supposed to think that’s hard?

uphill no-handed is hard once it gets beyond 6% / or so.

True :slight_smile:
But I just remembered the guy riding the mtns with no bars.
Where is that link?

haha, or stopping no handed, that gets a little hairy sometimes.

on a semi related note, one legged leg through the frame skidz are probably one of the most fun things ever.
It’s not that impressive, but it sure as hell is fun.

…I can ride my bike with no handlebars… (cue song refrain)…

flobots rule

100% false.

100% false.[/quote]
keep lying to yourself

That dude rhymes like Fred Durst.

I am agree with the zombie.

Fred Durst wasn’t trying to be ironic

he sounds like a less pissed off sage francis

sage francis’s only redeeming quality is that he looks like a lumberjack and the idea of a rapping lumberjack is hilarious

have you seen the video of the sage francis dance off?
I’ll try and find it.


WTF was that


WTF was that[/quote]

sage francis dance battle.

Amazing is what that was.

omg the floor punch at 1:29 in the first one is so priceless

I love how I derailed this thread instantly, i’m proud.