Not riding like a jackass

i do wonder this, and im not sure how to add to this thread.

i feel weird when im riding my conversion in clean designer jeans and a lacoste shirt with my kryptochain sash.

i feel less jackassy when im wearing stuff more suited for riding, like the usps letter carrier shorts i found at a thrift and a jersey or some other close fitting shirt.

im definitely not all ‘holier than thou fixie kid,’ and hope people dont think that when they see me. i stop when signs tell me to stop, signal my turns, yell “on your left!” to peds and roadies on the trail, but i still dont have a helmet. really need to get on that. stupid chainlove not putting up the limar i want… …

in denton though most of the kids ride crappy conversions or equally jank road bikes so its not like anyone’s judging anyone else. its a big deal when you see a track pro or even a steamroller.

lycra is the shit but i only jersey/lycra/helmet up when on the roadie. then im heading out of town anyway so nobody can see me

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]I’ve never worn it myself, but I would feel pretty damn silly in the lycra.
Damn silly.[/quote]
That’s how I felt at first. Eventually you just get used to it and don’t even care anymore. Not even when you pull up next to the burley looking dude on the Harley.

I’d rather be fit in the lycra than fat on a Harley.

I wear a helmet/gloves/jersey for commuting. I only wear gloves when I do a long, casual rides on the weekends. Quick laps in the park get gloves/jersey. Bars get none of the above. Rides like out to Nyack get the full shorts/jersey/gloves/helmet treatment.

i just rock some bike shorts under my regular shorts/pants. helmet always, gloves always. it’s just nice to know if you go down your palms aren’t gonna get shredded. plus my track bike has bare drops w/ track grips so i need that glove grip when riding the tops/hoods. don’t have a jersey, but i saw a badass longsleeve Duvel one somewhere online that i kinda want. mmm Duvel…

I HAVE to wear gloves. I wear gloves even if I’m not wearing a helmet. I need the added grip, or at least the perception of…

I love gloves!
If I ride without em, I feel naked.
There’s nothing worse than shreaded palms.

I like my lycra. I even feel awesome in it. The instant I throw my messenger bag over my shoulder when I am wearing lycra… I feel like a jackass.

i’m getting my lycra shorts soon, but i only plan to wear them under my rolled up or cut off hipster pants. don’t wanna make us look bad or anything.
I rode without gloves for three blocks today and felt tense the entire time. I need gloves.

I’m wearing a Toyota/United bib right now.

i do this regularly.

i do this regularly.[/quote]
Literally every post you make i feel like our tastes are eerily similar.

/hipster circlejerk

i almost said something to that effect too.

Dirty dirty

that’s exactly how i feel when i wear bike shorts and a jersey. if i’m at the track or on a long road ride i’m cool with it. i’d feel like an idiot if i rolled up to the coffee shop in that though. if i do some training in the neighborhood i.e. hills, it’s lycra under the pants… i run into too many of my non cyclist friends during rides like these to want to explain the spandex every time!

A was eating breakfast at a diner the other day and I was sitting in the window. and a dude drove up in an suv with a road bike on the back. he parked and got out wearing full kit, walked into the diner and sat down to have breakfast. I couldn’t believe it. all he was missing was a pair of SIDIs.

it just doesn’t make sense… what excuse does he have for driving the SUV? he’s not on a road trip.

I think its weird you guys feel like jackasses riding. I never do, ever.
I just go out and ride and have fun. Fuck everyone out there who thinks i look weird or not.
Its not a fashion show.
Just kidding, it actually is. :frowning:
And im the star!!

I wear lycra shorts under regular pants/shorts occasionally, but pretty much never by themselves, I need pockets :colbert: