Not Tarck

Im sure a lot of you will scoff at this and probably rightly so, but you have to sort of like anything that gets people on bicycles. ... 74639.html

I’d never ride one(unless I had to for health reasons, etc) but I’d tather see those than Segways.

This has been posted before and can suck my dick. Those battery panniers are just waiting to be lifted, and this doesn’t really count as getting people on bikes.

I for one love it and don’t understand the hostility.
When a truly good one gets made I’m buying it. My thinking is that it will allow me to ride to places where I don’t want to arrive all sweaty like I usually do. Ride there on 80% battery power (mostly use it as a scooter), ride back home as usual (like a maniac).

I wouldn’t use one on a weekend ride, but when the objective is not riding a bike but getting to places, I vote yes.
I’m just waiting for one with light Li-ion batteries and ok looks. Or rather, a build kit…

I couldn’t even watch the video. Some Skoal ad kept popping up on the bottom of the page and talking, and when I click close it just opens a couple seconds later.

What bullshit.

It’s PEDALING, not “peddling”. Fucking idiots.

popsci and popmec are just bullshit sites/mags used for shilling useless shit.

Yes it does. With a 250W electric motor it a commuting tool that will work exactly like a bicycle(unlike a 49cc scooter). Which means it will acheive all of the goals of “getting people on bikes.” My guess is the panniers come off and get charged which makes sense. I doubt it will catch on when you could buy a scooter instead without bike/electrobike specific infrastructure.

I think the saddle is too small and unsprung though… seriously.

I also make broad assumptions about people based on simple spelling mistakes.

Way too pricey. New one of these that will “revolutionize” comes out each year.

Also, why does every bike in the planet designed for commuting need a shitty heavy elastomer suspension fork?

Pure marketing gimmick.

could be worse…

could be this $949 (base price!!) monster built on a wal mart frame:

Shitty electric commuter bikes aside. Yamaha designed an electric track pace bike designed to eliminate the huffing of exhaust fumes. They look like traditional keirin bikes with a motor attached. ... 9/pas.html

There are a lot of electric bikes like this in japan. Grannies and cops often have them. I got pulled over by a cop on one while riding my tarck bike.
Apparently I look like a terrorist…said the cunt of a cop.

He coincidentally died of a poison tea-bag the following day…

Yeah, i teabagged him to death.
What? You want some too?

electric mopeds need to die in a fire

ride a bike or get a motorcycle, this halfway bullshit is bullshit.


I know a guy who has like ten or more bikes over a thousand dollars, but rides one of those fucking things every day because he’s a fat old lazy bastard. I hate that guy.(I know him from work)

teh ghey

I’ve built and rode three or four of these, and they suck. The first two sold were already returned because of a weak or malfunctioning motor, and I expect it’s only a matter of time until the others come back, too. If you pedal any faster than fifteen or so MPH, you’ll start to feel the motor working against you, if that makes sense. This feeling is what I attribute the frequent customer returns to.

As if the quality wasn’t enough reason not to buy it, the bike itself only removes a small amount of the effort that it takes to ride, so I don’t really see it helping any but the oldest and most out of shape people. The charge is low enough that, even on Eco, you couldn’t really take it out for a long ride (forty mile range, as I recall. I know that website says 75, but the Giant literature we have says far less), the batteries are expensive and weigh a ton, and they take up most of the usable space in the panniers, meaning that this wouldn’t be a very effective commute bike (unless you wanted a backpack) or grocery-getter. Finally, the weight of this bike is over 45 lbs and it costs more than $2000. It’s definitely the answer to a question that no one asked.

Id ride that Yamaha/Bridgestone thing around.