Obama Tarck as Fuck

There’s only 20 days left until Election Day but the race is still far from over. To keep the momentum moving forward and promote the candidate offering a more progressive energy policy for the future than that frightening cackle of “Kill, baby, kill” “Drill, baby, drill,” ANIMAL brought Geekhouse bike builder Marty Walsh together with pattern reworking genius Dan Funderburgh to create this ONE OF A KIND ObamaBike. The hand-built track cycle was put up for auction on on eBay beginning today, with proceeds benefitting Barack Obama’s victory fund. The fixed gear masterpiece measures 55cm, sports a curved seat tube, custom sublimated graphics on the Geekhouse Custom ‘Rockcity’ frame/fork, and Velocity Deep V wheelset, plus an exclusive ‘Obama Chainring’ logo on the front. It comes race-ready with a nice selection of parts (Thomson Steam and Post, SDG Saddle, Tioga Headset, Sugino Messenger Cranks/Chainring, MKS Sylvan Track Pedals/Clips, Continental tires). Close-ups and details of the carbon footprint reducing mode of transportation below.

http://animalnewyork.com/news/2008/10/o ... mabike.php

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That is freaking hideous.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

that’s not really very cool. and I’m not sure wtf it has to do with Obama, really.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 0295559818

terrible terrible bike. everything sucks cept the headbadge.

nope, it sucks too.

i think the headbadge is kinda cool

Screw Obama and his ugly trendwhoring ways.

i would take that rear veep leave the rest, throw it on an all red or white bike


He reminds me of the smiler from Transmet

And McCain is just made of evil so I’m staying out of it and not voting for anybody.

i seriously thought i was in the jackass fg thread

haha i never thought about comparing him to the smiler but it does make sense. i love that comic.

I cant wait for someone to buy that for probably 2 grand and show up to a ride just to have everyone laugh, at least behind the persons back

i like that frame, but the veeps and paintjob suck something awful

i made that connection months ago. and McCain is totally The Beast.

wow, this is like the 5th time this week i’ve agreed with you

i made that connection months ago. and McCain is totally The Beast.[/quote]

do you guys read freakangels?

US $771.00