Obit. for Ian Hibell from the economist

Worth a quick read: … d=12202333

The fact that he kept coming back to work and apologizing for being gone years at a time cracks me up. If you don’t know who Ian Hibell is, you should.

Thanks barba.

And thank you Ian.

I read about his death in a very short piece in the local paper, but i didn’t know who he was. Thanks for that barba.

that was the first i had heard of him - thanks for bringing him to attention. i must read some of his writings (any reccomendations?)

I’m gonna read his book.


Check out his bike’s integrated rack. That thing must have been able to haul a ton. ... rgosTourer

Thats such a beastly rack.

That guy should have been given the award for most solid bad ass.

This is almost certainly the first and last time anyone mentions Reynolds 531 in the Economist.

his book is an awesome read. i really recommend it, even to non-cyclists. what ian hibbell did was incredible, and no doubt fun as hell.