Official Spring cycling thread itt: gtfo of here with that arctic weather shit


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what am i doing wrong here?


hell yesssssssssssssss

It’s that time of the year again. Was riding the tarck bike enjoying the weather today and was passed very hard by some guy in a skinsuit and track helmet on a road bike.

Oh and

HELL FUCKING YEAH :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:

Apparently the weather was nice because everyone was out for a drive in the country roads on our group ride today. No bueno. But yeah, shorts and jersey weather rules. Fittin’ to get me lycra tanlines on. Also, with weather so nice how can I turn down the beers?

You can’t and you don’t.


next bike to get ready: jamis aurora.

then we ride, ray.

i just noticed today, that for some reason i still have my lycra tanlines from last year. lol. wth, i think i’ve been permanently discolored.

Was 40 degrees so went for a nice leisurely 30 miler with my buddy Michael. Had been too long.

He’s probably got the nicest fixed beater ever.

Was f’in around, gettin’ rad while waiting to use a port-a-potty and the snow was softer than expected. Went over the bars but the KM stayed upright.

A re-enactment of the crash.

rode 2 tarck centuries yesterday and 2 today, was about 45 degrees for both, in just a ss jersey and shorts, was fun as hell to be out on the road again

first day went by myself, the second i went with a few members of the cycling team. One of the guys we met up with whos been riding for 150 miles already, he was impressed by my tarck bike


I went on a bike picnic. So nice.

But the snowmelt left the trail hella muddy… :colbert:

cue the merry party of hairy-legged trailsaving dirtfreaks to rag shit on you for ruining nature’s good gifts, mannn

predicted high of 58 today!

As weird as this sounds, I already have lycra tan lines. Had them last week. That’s winter in California for you.

You can’t and you don’t.[/quote]

Sweet jesus man, 45*F is bundle up weather here haha

Yesterday cycling a ways south of Edinburgh I saw and hastily photographed the first snowdrops i’ve seen this year. springs here!

I also saw the year’s first lambs, all belonging to this fluffy white variety of sheep. Early-season lambs like these little guys have on clear plastic bags to keep them warm for that “PRO” look.