***EDIT 11/24 Cap(s) don’t fit? Swrve has acknowledged a problem with the elastic being too short with this run of caps and has offered to fix the problem. Please ship your cap(s) to:

2404 wilshire blvd., suite 9E
los angeles, ca 90057
phone: 323 842 5173

I would like to track these issues as well so if you plan to do this, please let me know.

EDIT 11/24 11:45 PST - Several members have reported fit issues (too small) and a significant number of caps were shipped with printing problems. I am waiting on replacements to fill some orders due to the printing defects. Fit problem reported to swrve. PM sent to members with unshipped orders.
EDIT 11/22 3:50 PST - Caps have started shipping. Check the spreadsheet for ship dates

EDIT 10/20 12:28am - [color=#FF0000]PREORDER NOW CLOSED[/color]. Please continue checking this thread for status updates.

I have been living in the wilderness under a pile of Arrosp0k. What the hell are you talking about?

Please check this thread for details/history. This is your opportunity to preorder an all-black, 100% cotton, one-size-fits most cycling cap by swrve (without a ribbon) and printed with this awesome tarckbike design created by member bold.

Preorder, eh? So when will I get my cap?

Based on swrve’s stated turnaround times and time required for shipping, for US buyers my best estimate is 4-5 weeks from the time our order is received by swrve. Check this thread for updates, and check the spreadsheet for your order status.

How much?

The cost is $20, which includes domestic shipping. Depending on the size of our collective order per-cap costs will range from close to $16 for a 25 piece order to a few bucks less for a large one. Shipping costs will vary depending on geography, but the hope is to end up with a small surplus which can then be donated to Bikes To Rwanda or another cause as selected by those who have paid for a cap. I will not be taking any personal cut from sales, and if necessary will put up a little of my own money to make this happen.

Are there any other styles/color choices available?

Not as part of this order. In the interest of efficiency and actually getting it done I want to make this as simple as possible.

Ok. I’m ready to order. What do I do?

[color=#FF0000]Ordering will be through PayPal. Please PayPal your $20 US to:

tarckcap @ (no spaces), along with the following info:

  1. Tarckbike username
  2. number of caps you are ordering
  3. e-mail address if different than your PayPal e-mail
  4. ship-to address in the format below, and any other special instructions

Richard “Fatty” Punch
C/O All You Haters Suck My Balls, Inc.
666 Tarckbear Circle, Suite #700C
Wasilla, AK 99654[/color]

How long do I have to get my order in?

I will accept preorders up until [size=150]midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, October 19th[/size] This is a firm deadline. I may order a few extra caps, but these will be held in the event of problems with existing orders first. If you PayPal me after the deadline, your money will be refunded .

Will this fit my giant head?

Please check this page for a description of the fit by fellow tarckster mander. This is a “one size fits most” cap. I cannot guarantee this cap will fit your huge head. You may want to have a smaller-headed volunteer standing by to sport your sweet cap and tell everyone how awesome you are for giving it to them.

Will you accept other forms of payment?

Sorry. Pre-orders are PayPal-only. If you have online banking you can set up a Paypal account without a credit card to transfer funds directly from your account. It takes a while to authorize, but it only takes a few minutes to set up. I’ve set the deadline far enough out to allow people to make arrangements.

Did you get my order?

Please check this Google spreadsheet for your username. If you see your username, I have your order. If you don’t see your username, check your PayPal account first, then e-mail me (tarckcap @ or PM me with your PayPal email address and I’ll try to figure out happened.

I’m outside the US. Can I still order a Tarckcap?

Provided I am not overwhelmed with requests I can probably do a few international shipments. Please PM or e-mail me before placing your order though. International shipping is ‘spensive. If you can find a friend in the US who can ship for you, that would be awesome.

Is there a bulk discount for ordering multiple caps?

No. Any leftover funds will be donated to Bikes To Rwanda, so the more money I “make”, the more gets donated to a cool cause. If you and your friends want to have yours shipped in one package, it will be an excellent excuse to meet for a beverage. The less spent on shipping, the more can be donated.

How will my cap be shipped?

If you are in the US, USPS, in a plain manila envelope with a bit of cardboard to keep the brim from getting tweaked. International buyers, please PM me.

I ordered group buy clothing. Can my cap be shipped with my knickers and hoodie?

Sorry, but no. Caps will come to me for distribution.

Aren’t you a little nuts for doing this?

Yeah, probably.


Stickying. Also unstickying the swrve group buy as its in motion now.


Should we use PayPal echeck to avoid any fees, and save a couple quarters per order?

That’s cool, but keep in mind that it takes some time to clear the bank.

All payment must be received by 10/19, but as long as this is done within the next few days it should be fine.

Yeah, echeck usually takes 3-4 business days for those interested. I should fire off my payment early this week, gotta hit the bank first.

hell to the fuck yeah. moneys gettin sent.

thanks a shit ton tarckee!


Thank you so much for arranging this.

tarck bike is awesome. seriously we now have succesfuly executed a clothing group buy and now we’re getting our own cap. anyway my orders in and thanks alot of doing this.


Spreadsheet is updated with the first two orders. Thanks, fellas.

I need to give someone 20 bucks

thanks again!

Monies sent.

Thanks for setting this up!


Money es sent. Sick!

Thanks Seth - sent you the dough

New orders posted :bear:

If you don’t see yours, check your e-mail/PMs.

legal tender transferred via world wide web.


Money sent!