okay okay i'm sorry but i was curious.

just a do or don’t.

i mean yea there’s a sometimes and there’s a “i have moar than one bike and there’s brakes on the other one” but i’m talking about most of the time, like in general. how do you ride more than half the time?

kinda stemmed from another post.

I don’t. I like to buy flashy bits, and not having brakes means not buying certain flashy bits.



no brakes. i plan on a front though

the above post is stupid

i love my brake to death, its so convenient! and riding brakeless was fun!

tarck is about being friends

i ride brakeless on abuse bike, but it’s geared 40x18.

otherwise, no. you can go so much faster if you can stop quickly.

Front brake FTW.

i rode brakeless for a few months and then i faceplanted a car. next bike will be brakified.

i have a brake but i don’t use it all that often, its just really nice when you get back into traffic after a long ride

this poll is confusing, double negative. Don’t Brakeless… but yes. thats it I don’t ride brake;ess.

brakeless for the past eight months or so.
i’ll probably put a brake back on for the winter what with slush and snow and all.

I need to move my front brake at some point, but I’m way too lazy to retape my bars. Also, my front brake doesn’t have as much stopping power as when I resist my pedals, I should probably fix my front brake before that becomes a problem…

Ted Shred.

i have a brake and i’m glad i do.

Where’s the “only when I’m drunk” option?

I don’t, and there is no place to drill for one on my biyk. If I had a fork that took brakes, I would have brake. But I don’t.


as much as i like the look of bikes without brakes i’m not that good a rider (or that stupid) plus i ride ss anyway