On the way to work...

while riding this:

to the recicling place to drop a ton of bottles and cans, I saw this:

pull up to a stoplight.
When I saw him I yelled “No way, you’ve gotta be kidding me!” and for some reason my second reaction was to yell something mean. Fortunatly I restrained myself.
I pulled up alongside him and asked what the rules were regarding riding a segway in traffic. As he sipped his coffee, he told me that they have all the rights of a bicycle as well as all the rights of a wheelchair so you can basicly ride it anywhere and nobody’s allowed to tell you you can’t.
These things have always pissed me off, but seeing this guy commuting on it kinda changed my mind. I’m all in favor of any contraption that gets people out of their cars and into the world where they can actually interact on a human to human basis.

I’d rather have a moped or scooter. Well, I would rather have a bicycle, but I already have too many of those.

I don’t get it. You can carry a lot more and spend a lot less with other options.

That’s true, but these things really appeal to the gadget fetishist.
Also, I expected him to zip by me in a flurry of electric powered speed and designer coffee, but he only went about 10mph and I dropped him like a sack of flour on my heavy, slow-ass xtra. That was surprising.

I want a segway with 700c’s

How’s about a mondo 29er segway?

They look so uncomfortable to use. Ya standing completely upright for the duration of my commute sounds FUN. I’d be worried I’d go off the back. Why not just get a scooter?

i want a segway with arrospok.

I think I saw that guy yesterday. I took lincoln to Lasalle (to washington – was going to music in the park – and back) and passed a guy dressed like that on a red segway riding down the side of the street.

you get no exercise and you look like a tool.

I watched a documentary 2 nights ago made by a group of guys (and a girl) who rode a segway all the way across the US in 100 days. Actually, it was just one of the guys who rode the thing all 4000 miles himself.


Wicked trackstands, though.

No option for barspinzzzz.

but the endless backwards circles would be amazing

I was on my tall bike one day when a dude riding one wanted to trade for a few blocks. They’re actually really fun.

I’d rather have a tallbike!

i agree

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about soneone in town showing off these “awesome new electric bikes that can go 20mph for up to 40 miles on a charge, and it only costs 10¢ to charge them”

A lot of people are really excited about it, but to me it’s like Hmmm bikes are faster, and can go farther on 0¢ worth of electricity. People are so fucking lazy they are constantly looking for ways to buy their way out of expending any energy themselves, and invariably they replace it with electricity, or by burning oil, which is how we got in this mess in the first place. Gas prices are spiraling out of control, global warming is spiraling out of control, and everyone is out of shape, because they spend 90 percent of their waking hours sitting behind a desk, or in a lazy boy, or in a car. They’re spending all their income on gasoline and gym memberships, and everyone is looking for a technological way out instead of changing the behavior that got us i this mess in the first place.

Any time you make the choice to burn fuel instead of calories you pay the price 3 times over, by wasting natural resources, money, and missing out on yet another opportunity to get some exercise. Your finances suffer, the environment suffers, and your health suffers. Instead of spending $5000 for a Segway, and $800 a year for a gym membership you don’t use, why not get off your fat ass and walk to work once in a while. Our unhealthy habits are so ingrained that the obvious seems unthinkable to some people. All the arguments for why we can’t live without cars fly out the window when you consider that 100 years ago, no one drove to work. People lived closer to the places they worked so that they could get there in a reasonable amount of time. We can do that again, and we should. Before long we will probably have to.

^Well said, sir.

ten points for mattface. locality is definitely key.