Options for black fenders. PB, SKS ?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything that’s available. Planet Bike doesn’t seem to have ones that will clear my 33.3 Jack Browns. What other options are there? Should I just get the SKS P-45 and be done with it? I definitely want them to be black. I’m sure this has been discussed, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing something before I buy them. Tanks guise.

Planet Bike doesn’t have fenders that will clear 33.3s?


Also, dumb question thread

I like the SKS Longboards (I guess they are the P45). Great coverage. I can’t get the front of the front fender straight. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

[quote=Mr. Grumps]Planet Bike doesn’t have fenders that will clear 33.3s?


Also, dumb question thread[/quote]

Maybe a dumb person thread would be more appropriate.

SKS longballs in blackway is the way i’ve gone for black fenders. they lasted at least one winter on my daily commuter beater.

Civia Market fenders are aluminum and listed as fitting up to 700x40mm tires.

The Toba Frank fenders are listed various places as available in black (aluminum) and in two widths. I see 30mm and 45mm listed, which is the actual fender width, I assume, but I’m not 100% on that.

Electra has the Verse aluminum fender set in black. Made to fit their Verse model that comes with 700x35c tires, so I assume would work for you. Note non-adjustable stays, so be prepared to get some replacement honjo-style stays if the stock ones can’t be made to work.

I have never handled a pair any of these myself. I like the fact that the Tobas apparently come with black stays, but the Electras would be tempting because of their ripeness for a honjo or berthoud stay conversion.

you should buy bertholds and have em powder coated.


SKS P45 or Longboard (the Commuter model looks pretty shitbox)
Planet Bike Cascadia
Civia has a few black options

Those Civia fenders look pretty good. Noticed the front fender doesn’t have breakaway tabs, is the fender getting sucked into a wheel and crashing you not as much of a thing with metal fenders as it is with plastic?

WHY NOT[/quote]
Because WHY NOT!

That would be oh so nice

I definitely prefer a dual stay front, but being aluminum those Tobas might be stiff enough to not flop around and rattle.

I’ve been beating on a black set of P45s for years. They are pretty rad. Secu-clips are a good thing.

do it.
I just installed my first ever set of bertholds and can confirm that they are fucking awesome.
On the other hand, i’ve been two winters and three summers with the longboards on my traffic and they’re just fine.

I’ve been meaning to replace the fork crown bolts on my wife and I’s SKS-equipped canti bikes for with a hex bolt and wingnut for easier front fender removal for roof racking (Secu-clips mean eyelet bolts don’t have to be undone). I’ll probably do Sheldon nuts on futurefenderroadcyclingbiek for this reason. Don’t have to roof rack fendered bikes often, but it would be nice if it were as easy as possible.


those tobas look nice

Not sure why you can’t go with Hybrid width Planet bike fenders. Same width as the SKS P45 and 10x less PITA to install.

I’ve had my cascadia’s for going on 3 winters. I did have the front section of my front fender crack and I had to yank it off last year, but I have pretty tight clearances so I’m not that surprised that it broke there.

My PB hardcores lasted 3 years on my single speed before ex bf broke both within a couple weeks. I grabbed em both from the scrap fender bin at old shop so they were already old when I got them.

Pretty confident in planet bike quality. SKS P35s I put on the single speed seem fine, but much more awful to install.

I don’t mind these at all either:

They are available in 45mm width that will clear a 33mm tire with plenty of room. Dual stays, medium but probably not long enough built in mud flaps… The “no-cut” strut is super easy to adjust on the fly since it’s done with allen keys. Also no fender stay sticking out to catch your feet on if you dont get it short enough.
Only down side is you have to hold the stays straight so they don’t twist when you tighten them down.

speaking of black fenders, what are these?

Look like pcoated hammered Honjo/VO.

I’m really digging that bike. yowza.

Longboards seem most reasonable.

Probably going to put the set I’ve had hanging around for a year or so on the new-to-me Trek.