OT: Drunk, Drinking, or Sober

Currently Drinking…

No son, it appears you have officially crossed over from “drinking” to “drunk” about the same time you completely missed the Off Topic forum and landed this thread in the Tark Bike forum. Not that I care, it’s just a funny bit of irony.

I’m for putting ot stuff in the tarck forum because in the ot forum it’s actuallly on topic, which kind of defeats the purpose.

sober :colbert:


drinking last night.

Was drinking, then sleeping, and now working. Ride to work was pleasant though.

For some reason I really like riding or going for a long run after a long night of drinking. Feels good to sweat out the poison.

i was never much of a drinker but, recently i’ve been a little stressed (running my own business & planning a wedding)… so i’ve been having a beer after work every now and then… it’s really nice. i’m not getting drunk, but it just calms my nerves a bit.

fuck that dude, man up and drink more than one!

I feel you though, I’m trying to lose a couple pounds and I limit myself on weeknights to 1 or 2. I’ve been on a Smithwicks kick last week… mmmm.

Sober almost 12 1/2 years.

I could really go for some Hazelnut Brown Nectar

i really could go for some militant straight edge

I could really go for some Polaroids of 80’s moms drunk and playing with microwaved cucumbers…

About the same here.

Never really drank. I am fairly certain I would be dead by now if I did drink. I am stupid enough.

flyers got it handed to them. i’m pretty fuckin drunk because of it

Sober, just passed 6 years

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hung over today!

sober, but I got to shit like mad.