Anyone want to go their local Bianchi dealer and check the availability of a D2 Pista Alu in 55cm?
Price + shipping estimate?
Help a Hebrew out.

Pretty tough to get ahold of in sweden. This would be a double import sorta deal for you if you went through me. Track riding is nonexistant here. So far…
we just built a drome!

Oh, and I know Bianchi dealers overseas can’t get the SuperPista, so maybe they would also be interested in a straight trade (both frames msrp for the same monies & this might only work at fixxay shops)

i think my lbs has one, not certain if its a 55 though.

i just called and it’s a 53, for 800$

NVM, I thought my LBS might also have one but it’s gone, sorry.

shit. def need a 55.

Do you seriously need a D2 pista this badly?

[quote=tepr]Do you seriously need a D2 pista this badly?[/quote]i guess not that badly. i just love the way my road bike fits and would like to not use the superpista coz fugly.