Pacific Coast Road Trippin'

I know there’s already an oregon coast thing. I’m talking half the shabooey. My lady friend and I are packing up the singlespeeds into the smartcar and heading north (trail of smug). Our destination is victoria, bc. We were planning on stopping in the eug, portland, oly(?), whidbey island, and vancouver (ca). I was wondering if anyone might be interested in meetup action or possible roomage(we can pay in beers?)?

If you plan it right, you could get in on some seattle century action, or a piece of the coast with myself and my riding partner. we could split some campsites or something, roast mallows, tell ghost stories…I’d really like to do a bigger section but my buddy probably cant get more than 8 days off work.

The ferry to Victoria, BC was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Have a blast.

Try if you want to meet up with some locals, get info etc.

I will be doing the section from San Francisco to Los Angeles around Labor Day Weekend. I know its a bit away from where you will be!
We do it every year. Started as 2 of us. Then 4. Last year was 6, and we started bringing a driver. I am not sure how many will make it this year. I’m hoping for at least 4!