Pake: barspinz?

Does anyone ride a pake, and do you know if it has clearance to barspin with stock/other forks you may have tried? I need a new frame on the very cheap and yeah, barspins are a factor.

Flame on!

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No idea.

check youtube. Pake has a lot of vids on there

my friend just built up a frame somewhere between 51 and 53 and only a 650 would let it bar spin

you can get the frame and a fork with long axle to crown measurement and a headset with a large lower stack height. That will completely change the geometry of your bike however just so you are aware.

thx gaiz, it just so happens I have a fork with a huge a-c measurement (it has like an inch of clearance, and that was with 27s) that I will try out.

psh yeah and a shitload of rakethat is gonna look REDIC with a 700c.

…well no one else was really flaming…

…wanna go for a downtown ride today? you need a new tire anyway

flame: Barspinz are stupid

…yet oddly entertaining? :colbert:

BMW fork?

I was just about to say that.

I have no idea what BMW is selling it for, but if going by the price of the frame I would think it’s about $200. But I don’t know.

200 is correct at the moment I was quoted 175 a few months back but it seems to have gone up in price wait is about a month

God dammit. Now I just want a BMW gangsta more than anything.

the only people who don’t like barspins are people who can’t do them.

i hate them.

at least their easier on a tarck bike then on a bmx’r.
I like them alright, but I more like riding fast, and wheelies is fun too.

they should have their next batch ready in about 2 or 3 weeks. if you call soon you can get on the list for them and have it in less than a month, for 200 dollars.

[quote=“cc700”]the only people who don’t like barspinz are people who can’t do them.

i hate them.[/quote]