pake? good, bad, or what?

i’s buying a pake. tell me some bad shit.

straight gauged boat anchor if memory serves.

$310 for frame and fork from the soma site? might as well go with a kilo or save a few bucks and get a rush.

You can get one for $200 if you shop around, and that number is not from a fly-by-night shop.

is that for frame and fork though?

I had one and beat the shit out of it. It took the abuse well.

edit: Full 4130 CrMo

is that for frame and fork though?[/quote]
No, frame only. $275 if you want both.

for $275 i would be much more inclined to just get a kilo, but to each their own

You can slam the shit out of this bike. It will take it all day like. But it is really fucking heavy. The unicrown fork is worthless, get the soma fork if you go this route.

In all honesty though, buy the kilo frame from bike island. Much nicer bike. Handles better. Lighter. Not such shitty geometry.

this bike will take the abuse that a kilo cant

What the hell do you do to your bikes? I can’t imagine what kind of “abuse” that Pake could take that would make the Kilo curl up and die.

A better suggestion would be to not treat your bike like shit.

i crashed my kilo and the downtube folded in half. gaspipe tubing wont fold like the kilo tubing did. i dont treat my bike like shit, i crashed. we all do it.

uhmm… dare I ask: are you the guy who repeatedly rode his Kilo into a wall?

haha no. i hit a parking block in the wee hours of the morning because im nearsighted and rode without my glasses. took off the right side of my face, bent the downtube.

d’oh… sorry to hear that.

I also remembered, the guy who rode his bike into a wall a few times (and wanted to know if it would be covered by warranty) was riding an SE, my bad.

how fast were you going when you hit this parking block?

id guess about 15 or so mph. not a super good clip or anything but enough to skid a few feet on my right cheek

I’m surprised you didn’t bend the fork instead… I guess they don’t build 'em like they used to.