parts bin cleanup, mostly road

cleaning out some parts bins that I won’t need anytime soon. prices don’t include shipping but happy to combine items. let the dithering cycle continue so I can buy wet shakes from @SentientLawnFlamingo

Bontrager RXL / OCLV 55 carbon bars, 44cm c-c, ~90mm reach, ~130mm drop. Round top. Light use and slight tape residue. $50
Zipp Service Course SS, 44 (43cm actual c-c), 85mm reach, 128mm drop. Round top. New, never installed. $35
Zipp Service Course CSL SSR, 42 (41 actual c-c), 70mm reach, 128mm drop. Ergo/aero top. Test fit but never taped or ridden. $35
Easton Monkey Lite SL low-rise carbon XC bars, 610mm wide, new in package. $40

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VO leather saddle, 150mm wide, never used. $35
Selle Anatomica T series, watershed graphite, probably a few hundred dry miles. $60
WTB Koda Pro, 150x255mm, tested <100 mi. $40
Ergon SMC3L, bought from @Rentable-Faxmachine and didn’t end up using it. $35

How wide is the selle?

Out camping for the weekend and might not have service till saturday, but definitely want them

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160mm outside-outside, 120mm inside clear width of the cantle

I will let somebody else take a stab at the Ergon first but if no one wants it in a day or 2 I’ll take it

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Heck, I’ll take a flyer on that Selle.
Wonder how it’ll compair to my traditionally preferred b17

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I’ll take that Ergon. I’m even coming thru your area next week so you don’t have to bother shipping

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dibbers please slide into the DMs with your addresses, I have PayPal and venmo

Shit, I forgot I dibbed this. I’ll PayPal you today.

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updated with sold items, still have a few good bars and saddles up for grabs

Got that saddle today. Thanks cheese.

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Ouzo Pro full carbon 9/8”, with expander plug and crown race installed, 185mm steerer - $75 + ship
Thomson elite 27.0x330, small marks at rear clamp area (no zigzag) - $50 + ship

Pinhead road QR skewer kit, used but good $20 + ship or free with something else

How chonky of a tire you think that fork could fit?

I know it will fit a 28 nomad, I can send you a photo in a bit

I’ll dibs that fork pending I measure my current one.

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clearance with a nomad 28 for reference, could prob squeeze a 30 in there but it would be tight


Dang, I need 240mm of steerer.