Parts Bin Miscellany

I’ve got way too much stuff accumulated that I’m not going to be using again. Mostly road/cross with some mtb thrown in for good measure. Everything is free for pickup in Walnut Creek 94597, or ship to wherever for howevermany dollarydoos it takes to get it there.


  • MTB: Maxxis Crossmark TL 29x2.1, pair. $free.99
  • CX: Hutchinson Piranha TL 700x34(?), pair. One is in good shape and the other has a tear in the sidewall that has been patched but is pretty sketchy. $free.99
  • CX: WTB Crosswolf TL 700x32, pair. $free.99
  • Road: Conti Grand Prix 4000s 700x25, single. $free.99 (dibsed for davidk)
  • Road: Conti Grand Prix 4000sII 700x28, pair. Have maybe 1-200 miles on them? $30 (dibsed for davidk)
  • Road: Continental Hometrainer. 700x23. $free.99 (dibsed for davidk)

Chair Poles

  • FSA K-Force SB25 350mm 27.2, Di2 compatible. $70?
  • FSA K-Force 31.6 from a CracknFail Scalpel. $50?
  • Race Face 30.9 x 375. $free.99
  • Bontrager XXX 27.2, seatpole portion is fine but needs new clamp hardware. $free.99


  • Zipp Service Course SL, 110mm. $40? (Cant find it…)
  • 3T ARX II Pro, 6* 130mm. $20?
  • 3T ARX Team, 6* 120mm. $35?
  • Ritchey Pro real bendy boi, 100mm. $free.99


  • Rockshox Reverb small parts + bleed kit. Half the fluid left? $free.99
  • New (basically old stock at this point) Kool Stop KS-D270 brake pad for Avid Juicy 5/7. $free.99
  • XT PD780 pedals. One doesn’t like to stay super tight to the axle but I haven’t done any overhaul or tried to fix it. $free.99
  • FSA Gossamer 175mm 53x39 BB30 crank. $free.99
  • Giro Selector TT helmet, S/M. Several years old but little use, no visor. $free.99

you think this hardware would play with that xxx post? if so i’ll take it

Probably? The shapes look the same, but I can measure something if that’d help confirm?

I’ll take all those Contis if you don’t mind waiting til the next time I come out to visit my folx (post current wildfire hellstorm)

Ya got dibs

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I’ll take those Crossmarks if there’s no stealth dibs on em

I’ll get in line behind drwelby if he changes his mind

Fuck so pissed I missed out the non di2 k force seat post

Dibs are yours, with dibs falling to @Gary_the_tennis_ball if you pass on em

TT helmet?

I just checked, it’s a S/M. The visor clips ripped out of it but otherwise it’s been used like 4-5 times.

I wanna commute with that so hard.

Probably wouldn’t fit my giant head, though.

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It’s tight on me and I’ve got a med/large head but you’re welcome to give it a try and take it if it works for max cat 6 shenanigans

what’s the angle on those 3T stems? They all ±6?

Yup, all 6ers

Fortunately, there’s just no way it’d fit my head, otherwise I’d be into it.

I’ll take it!