parts you consistently break.

I got a new road bike the other day, and after the 5th ride I have bent the cranks. This is the 8th set of cranks I have bent/broken in the last 6-7 years on DH/BMX/Road bike. I don’t ride stupidly and I try and be nice to my bikes as often as I can.
So who else always breaks the same shit?

I’ve been known to bust a nut here and there.

I don’t break things on my bike. But my bike regularly causes me to break things on myself. So far, my spine, wrist and shoulder are tied for the most popular parts.

handlebars and chainstays

this requires more details…

because if you tell us the cranks are cheap and that you bent them in a fall then your posting is kinda unnecessary.

I tend to strip small parts.

Bmx bike: pedals. I don’t ride pegs and do a lot of pedal grinds. It’s to be expected, but still sucks.

Road: tires/tubes. I just have bad luck with shit.

On the topic of cranks, I’ve snapped two pairs of cranks on the bmx bike. Both times resulted in huge amounts of pain.

tubular tires.
bottom brackets

Frames, saddles, chainrings


I kill bottom brackets like it’s going out of style. Fine by me, I know dudes who somehow kill a frame every 2 years or so

What the I don’t even

I had a consistent run of killing bmx frames for a while. Like one a year or so. But I got them all replaced. I always had sweet new frames, though. I kinda want to get another fly because of it. I loved almost every frame I had of thiers (the last one was too short, but that was my fault).

i seem to break toe straps every 3-4 months. (yeah i still ride clips/straps)

Bottle cages.


i lold 50x


i lol’d

This. If I wear knicks inevitably the pant leg gets caught on a bottle cage while I’m pedaling and bends or breaks it. Also:

I replaced the failed aluminum bolts with steel.