did this last night for the first time. it was pretty damn fun and i made like $65 in 4 hours or less. unfortunately my friend wanted $25 for use of the thing - i was thinking $20 would be more than appropriate. he owns 2 pedicabs and they were super expensive and are expensive to maintain. my legs were pretty tired today, especially cause i did a 35 mile ride yesterday. today i am resting b/c i’m doing it again tonight.

people get really excited over these things too. drunks love them and everybody asks a bunch of questions and want to talk about them.

sorry for the incohesiveness…

my sister’s bf pedicabs, makes anywhere from $20-$300 a day. pretty rad, its his only job, and he can afford life here in expensive ass san diego.

tjayk - what city?

How long are the trips, what if you bonk?

Whats GI are you running? (or gear sets)

There’s a pedicab service here in Pittsburgh that I want work for so badly but I live about an hour away. Woudn’t make too much sense.

i’ve thought about doing it before. but the hours would fuck me up with my regular work schedule.

I’m interested in the gearing on the bikes too…

When I was a junior in college I showed up at the NY Marathon to look for a story for a reporting class. I got to talking to a pedicab driver and found out that they were fighting the handsome carriage drivers for the territory rights to midtown Manhattan. The handsome carriage drivers were lobbying the city council to ban pedicabs in midtown so that the carriages would have a monopoly on Central Park. The pedicabbers were trying to organize, and I went to a few of their meetings (NYC Pedicab Association). Fuckin interesting and awesome group of people. I think the law was passed, but the pedicabbers won on appeal.

The pedicab drivers here in NY are just as… if not more insane… than us messengers.

well i made $65 the first night and $75 the second night, but i was only out for about 4 hours each. i’m sure i coulda done better. if it wasn’t for the occasional nicely dressed couple/really cool drunk people that tip over $10 i wouldn’t have made crap though…

the city is madison, wisconsin. i’m not sure exactly what the gearing is, but it is a triple in the front w/a really tiny granny gear, and a mountain cassette (although the front derailer wasn’t working on the one i was using, so i was stuck in the middle up front…). so it is probably 22-32-40 on the front with a 11-34 or so cassette.

also i’ve been sort of hermitic/antisocial lately and this was a really good way to get out and interact with a lot of people. you really have to put yourself out there and interact/talk with people to make any money doing this. plus driving the things are pretty fun - although it is so hard to go up the tiniest hills. 2 or 3 people on the back magnify any incline by like 100-fold. of course it is great exercise, but it is more like lifting heavy weights than cycling - it was pretty hard on my knees, so i’ll have to optimize my position on it or something.

one more thing: girls love these things. i’m thinking things are going to be improving in the ladies department for myself… i’ve never gotten comments from random girls like i did pedicabbin’. there were a lot of “you must have really strong legs,” and “you are so cute too.”

madison is one of the greatest cities of all time.