Pedro Horrillo, Crash


Spanish rider Pedro Horrillo (Rabobank) is in a medically-induced coma in a Bergamo hospital Saturday following a horrific crash in which he fell nearly 150 feet into a ravine during the eighth stage of the Giro d’Italia.

The 34-year-old crashed about 70km into the 209km stage on the high-speed descent off the Cat. 1 Culmine di San Petro. [/i]


oh man

That is insane. What happened?

couldnt find anything on youtube. not that i really want to see him fall off that cliff :frowning:

Not crash footage, but a shot of the ravine.

He is out of the coma according to the BBC.

Not the first racer to fall down a ravine in the Giro or the Tour, but that doesn’t make it any less awful.

See Frederico Bahamontes.

Or, more famously, Wim Van Est.

Best article I’ve found on his updated condx:

He was descending alone and went over a guard rail, apparently. Read the article for more details.

[quote=Petr5]Not crash footage, but a shot of the ravine.[/quote]

What in the FUCK is going on with the face of the dude in the yellow/blue jersey in the last shot of this video? Looks creepy as hell!

big protest today over the dangerous course, crazy stuff. im sure horrillo wouldve been in the minds of the protesters.