Phil Hubs - huge difference?

I’m looking to get a new wheel set for riding around town and going on long distance rides once in awhile. I’ve had a wheelset with formulas and was happy with them. Though, I’ve never tried Phil hubs so I’m not quite sure what to expect.

Basically, I’m looking for a wheelset that will spin smoothly and is reasonably durable. I don’t do tricks or anything, but the roads in my area are not exactly the smoothest roads. I’ve read that phil hubs are pretty bomb proof, but, I’m not sure if I need that. I’m not too heavy (137 lbs) and I don’t do any tricks.

What do you guys think? It’s about a $170 price difference.

They will be built with open pros.

you can get phil bearings and pop them in your formulas. same smoothness

There is no fucking difference. There is no way you or anybody here can tell the diffence between Phils and department store grade hubs while “riding around town”. Save your money and buy a pair of Formulas for 60$.

So there’s really no reason to get it besides the street cred?

In your situation, not really.

They will be nice and last forever, blah blah. But it’s overkill.

great! is out of them. Any alternatives besides getting it custom built? did formulas to OPs for $200 for me.

Really? I used their custom wheel builder and got about 275. How’d u get them so cheap?

No cog or tires.

The ONLY reasons to go Phil is for LOOKS and LONGEVITY. I had perfectly good Formulas that were replaced with Phils. I noticed no difference when riding. It was worth the $$$ simply for the looks.

I love my phils. I like them enough that I’m going to fork out the cash for a phil bottom bracket too, I think.

oh man phil bearings are cheap!

All mavic open pros w/ dura-ace cog

  1. Phil Low Flange Rear, Formula Front - $375
  2. Phil Low Flange Rear, Phil Low Flange Front - $433
  3. Formula/Formula - 270

I can’t decide! help!

well it depends on what you want. formulas are good, phils are better because of quality. formulas will handle most of what you have to offer. phils should handle everything you have to offer. when price is forgotten, quality is remembered. I’ve seen people with phils from the 70s still going strong.

This makes me want phils. I’d love to be riding the same set of hubs 30 years from now.

This makes me want phils. I’d love to be riding the same set of hubs 30 years from now.[/quote]
doesn’t mean you can’t get the same amount of years out of formulas as well, but Phils have the advantage of being better looking though :wink:

Every time I get on my bike that has Phil hubs I am consistently amazed at how fucking smooth the ride is. Maybe my other hubs suck, and maybe it’s just the bearings in the Phils, but there is a huge difference, and it’s awesome.

when I switched to phils I noticed, then when I got a phil bb I noticed even more. I think they’re awesome, like skateboardin’ with swiss bearings.

I call placebo. :colbert:

On my bike with phils I average 5mph more than on the other bike that has a generic hub.

Oh wait, I don’t even have a Phil hub and never will. And that’s because silly statements like the above are total BS. It’s just the justification of the ridiculously expensive purchase from people who “bought a sticker” as we call it in Hu.

If you like the looks and the prestige enough to cough up the $$$, fine. Don’t expect any difference you can notice while riding.