Phil Wood dead at 84


Holy shit. R.I.P.

RIP. The industry wouldn’t be where it is today without him.

He and Sheldon are doing some sweet barspins right now

Roll in Peace.

stay tarck phil.

oh noes.

i think i just heard the price on the Phil IF track jump to 30k.


oh no :frowning: at least we now know there is a decent hub maker in heaven

wow. epic bummer. He was an old fucker though. And from what I’ve read, led a very fulfilling life.

So is now the time to sell my hubs or wait a bit?

would sell now when all the prices are high

Leave them laced or unlace them?
(laced to deep v’s btw… I know, I know)

A few years ago at the unofficial FGG Symposium staying with a few people I stayed up late talking about bikes with one of the guys staying with us from California. He worked for Phil Wood for close to 20 years, and had some great stories about bikes. He had some great stories about how cool of a guy he was as well. Once at an airport/plane PW met a few members of the U.S Paralympic team, and saw the crappy plastic wheels they were stuck with using. When he got home he immediately started working on high quality wheelchair hubs because of that single chance encounter.

He started the company back in 1971 making high quality sealed bearing hubs and BB. I have a front hub from the 70’s that still rolls like it is brand new.

Roll on Phil Wood, I will kick back a few beers tonight in your honor.

pedals, too.

phil “chp” pedals

This company is only going to go downhill from here.

[quote=wölvlöver]Leave them laced or unlace them?
(laced to deep v’s btw… I know, I know)[/quote]
(shhhh… +1)

I have a well used 70’s phil hub, the kind with alu flanges screwed and glued to a steel hub body. It rolls like its brand new.

shit, just found out he lived pretty close to me

Oh man that sucks, should I wait to capitalize on his death now or later?