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No ones biting this Klein Pinnacle frame I have


It’s like an 18 or 19” frame. 1” headtube. Everything you see for $100(PDX local, plus for shipping) only downside is there’s a gouge on the chain stay yoke from me running a too big tire.

I might be interested. What’s the story on the bottom bracket? Didn’t some Kleins have weird stuff going on?

Yeah, it’s a press-in bottom bracket like a mid BB on a box bike. The only thing I’m missing for the BB is a sort of section of tube to put in-between the bearings, like a bmx bb, again. but no issues so far.

sup with those cranks?

Shimano Deore or so cranks? What ya bout them. I have a similar pair laying around

how many bcds and how many lengths?

110 and 175???

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Here’s that gouge which is the only downside apart from chainstay mounted u-brakes

$80 now

If you want this frame I will send it to you for just the cost of shipping

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Yo! I’ve a soft spot for bizarrely nonstandard frames

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If you want it…