Please recommend some baggy MTB shorts (for commuting) that have a built-in chamois liner

I don’t mind wearing Lycra when doing laps or hill repeats, but I’m not into the idea of walking into my office wearing bib shorts. So I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d recommend some baggy MTB shorts to me. I was thinking about picking up the Nashbar house shorts, but I’m not sure if they’re any good. Thanks in advance.

Why not just wear said bib shorts under some regular shorts? Thats what I do if I don’t feel like dealing with people staring.

cut off dickies

cut off dickies or dickies shorts, or the portland cyclewear knickers or the swerve ones. Chamois and commuting are antitheses to me.

Adidas Schley MTB shorts.

Shorts or pants over bibs is where it’s at. The chamois(i?) found in most cheaper mtb shorts suck.

i have FOX mtb shorts that work pretty well, my only wish is that the inner liner was detachable. i think they were like $40. i think i’ll just pic up some regular cycling lycra shorts and just wear them under whatever i’m wearing.

But on the other hand when i commuted last summer i took a change of clothes because it gets hot as balls and i was covered in sweat by the time i got to work, so i washed up and changed at work.

So it was great to have shorts i could just take off and hang to dry while i was at work.

I bought some pearl izumi mtb shorts onetime just for the chamois… its detachable and mesh insead of lycra. They’re women’s though so i have no idea what the male equivalent would be. I got them on clearance for $50, i think they retailed for like $120, but they also sell the same chamois seperate. They ended up being too small though and now i never wear them…

yo dawg, we put some shorts in your shorts so you can ride while you ride.