polished rim + front brake

do it or don’t do it?

what do you mean do or dont do it?
Like is your rim already polished and you want to run a brake on it?
I wouldnt, but i mean, i dont run brakes because I hate adjusting them so I’m not the man to talk to about brakes.

like, NOS Campy-bling polished.

n0 bearks111

They should make ultra soft eraser like brake pads that are one time use for emergency, being that soft they wouldn’t be as harsh on polished/painted rims.

just engage the modified ted shred.

It takes too long in an oh shit situation to remember that. I’ve used that method when I threw a chain coming off of a sprint but I wasn’t in danger of running into anything at the same time.

true that. haha.

“dammit it’s an emergency and I gotta brake but I’m broke and don’t want to buy new pads. fuck it, I’ll just bail.”


If yer asking I say do it. Brake marks are better than break marks.

I guess that’s true. I have enough break marks.

dont run brakes unless you gotta


just get cork pads, that’s what you use on carbon rims, so they can’t be that harsh

wow, that’s actually a great answer.

Yeah, we’ll have none of that!

I learn something new everyday.

brakes are for pussies…and for people that don’t wanna die.

Kool Stop Salmon pads are supposed to be gentle enough as well, so I’ve heard. I haven’t tried them yet myself.