poll: wwyd if you got shipped the wrong color?

I got everything in to convert my crosscheck from commuter mode to ss cyclocross mode. Unfortunately I didn’t get the silver levers I wanted. I’m not sure I want to wait for the correct color and deal with shipping, plus cyclocross season is approaching fast and I need them so I can finish my build. Just wondering how you guys deal with getting the wrong color shipped. :colbert:

I’d send 'em back and demand a full refund saying that it was time sensitive. Then I’d go pick up some used ones locally and profit.

i’d PITD

I would send them back. It was there fault right? you did order the silver ones?

If you screwed up the order i would keep them and ride.

whisper Did you see that dude with the black brake levers?

murmur Yeah man, his aesthetics were slightly off, that bike is screaming for silver brake levers.

whisper Let’s jam a stick in his spokes when he comes by.

^^^^that would happen.

I’d do it.

WWJD? He would use magic to turn them into silver ones.

I’d send them back

keep them, then bitch em out… its not the end of the world

keep the black ones and give them a friendly phone call explaining the situation. they will be more likely to do something nice for you (discount, free stuff, puke on your dick) if you act like an adult about the whole thing instead of whining like a little girl.

no offense if you are, in fact, a little girl.


Keep them, strip the paint off and polish them. It’s not that hard to do. Especially if you’re just talking about the lever part.

Or just use them because it’s not a big deal.

I’d make a thread on the internet.

be grateful they sent you the better color, even if you thought you wanted the crappy one.

doesn’t seem like a real big deal.

For a $25 pair of levers? I wouldn’t. I would tell them for sure, but I wouldn’t return them. If it were a bike frame or something like that I would want a return.

GET OUT OF MY HEAD… I’m in a similar situation but with a wheelset, in the end I think the mistake actually looks good but I’m still thinking about contacting the company to let them know they fucked up.

I would just keep them and try to trade localy for a silver set, but there are people i know in vancouver who are really good for that kind of thing.