post pics of your rack itt

i’m really in love with bikes with front racks right now. post your rack. post your friend’s rack. big racks, small racks, all racks.

this was my friend’s set up for a little bit. i was way too into it.

taken from velospace

Nashbar rack with a bit of a height modification so it sits lower. Not fancy but it works.

Check the epic bug smoosh and the Mini Mag p clamped to it.

diy atmo

[quote=Haagenize]taken from velospace


this bike sold me on the orange kilo LOVE IT

if i keep looking at this kilo tt in my living room it’s going to turn into something like that. but with a wald basket.

i saw that thread a while back. your rack looks great atmo

Here are my two front racks, Nitto and Surly:

damn bigmatt both of those builds are right my alley of sensibilities

another M12

got big bag of ice in pannier…

[quote=cookietruck]got big bag of ice in pannier…


that’s crazy. i’d hate how unbalanced the weight was.

ITT I expected to find more boobies.

itt post racks/ deep v necks

[quote=the general]

another M12[/quote]

I still love how these look, but I don’t think I could stand not having the center bar on my cheap ass Nashbar.

[quote=cookietruck]got big bag of ice in pannier…

fuck, that bike is juuust right.



Rear rack mounted on front, basket found at Goodwill hose clamped to said rack.

i saw that thread a while back. your rack looks great atmo[/quote]

thanks, lot’s of nice racks in here. i’ve since come to believe that having a rack on a track bike is dumb and i don’t really use it anymore. give me flat-barred road bike though…