Post pics of yourself with your bike!

you guys are all emo

Since when were Vans emo? 2003?[/quote]

I… uh… er…

You got me. He’d tell me that and I’d slowly pan down to my shoes – Vans – and slowly look back up at him. A few seconds later we’d both shrug and walk away.

He’s 17. Like he has any clue himself.


You match your closet doors.

closet as fuck?

[quote=“TehScientist”]my bike is on the right, my left


If only you were wearing, like, gold aviators and a button down black shirt. Matchy matchy.

Promotional shots for our sponsor. On polo bike.

Contest of skiddz! On my former daily rider.

That’s a nice polo bike.

It has only become that way because all of my time, effort, thought, and such have gone to polo.

Your polo bike has a suspention fork?

so he can suspend!


Well duh…

I love my bike.

Stop beating around the bush and deep throat that crankarm

Yeah but I’d have to take the pedal off…

Work around it.


Throat laceration anyone?

I’m the one in all black.

I’m at my folks house and it would have cost me like $30 to bring my bike home on the Greyhound. So I’ve been rocking a GT that’s too small for me.

My dad’s lawnmower doesn’t make a good tripod so I’m without a head for now. And all my pants (read: 1 pair of shorts) are in the dryer. I had to deal with my extended family all day so I’m reliving my childhood of hitting dad’s liquor cabinet. :bear:

nice fuckin undies. gross.

Original concept that became Kierin racing.

bonechilling you really should get some foot retention on that bike