Post pictures of your newest upgrades face


sweet hat

Still sexy in my book. Maybe even sexier.

ouch. how you manage taht?

you best not be trying to steal my boy!

Fuck man, that doesn’t look like it tickled. How’d it happen?

40 mile loop and came to one last hill. I went up it to get some more climbing in for Devil’s Backbone and then started to come down. I carried too much speed into a sharp right that was on the hill. It was still wet from rain and happened to have 2 SUVs coming up through it at the same time (they were going reasonable speeds and in their lane, this was all 100% my fault). I realized very early on I was in trouble so I kept the bike upright to try and scrub as much speed as I could though I knew it wasn’t going to work. At the last second I was faced with running head on into the 2nd SUV or trying to lean the bike over and possibly miss it and go off the hill. I opted for the lean over option and was instantly on the pavement sliding quickly towards the SUV, the Paramount hit the front bumper and I managed to pull my legs behind me so they didn’t get run over. It was scary as fuck since I had so much time to judge the situation and knew how screwed I was. All in all I got banged up, broke the Paramount, but I saved my legs so it is okay in my book.

My eye is almost swelled shut at the moment

sorry to hear. stupid wet pavement.

holy fuck, nate. glad you weren’t hurt any worse. you’ll be pretty again soon enough.


sorry 'bout your face and all, but we need to hear about the important stuff.

Aww man that’s scary, heal up dude.


I went down in a similar situation a few years ago. When it rains it can form a oil slick on the surface that can put you down in an instant.

Glad you are ok.

aw man i am so glad shit didn’t turn out differently. i hope you heal up strong nate

The eye is almost swollen shut now

Been there, done that more times than I care to acknowledge.

Heal up anomaly. I’m glad you didn’t get more fucked up.

I am sad that you hurt yourself and broke the paramount.

Tarck bear was with you on this one

glad you only broke the bike man. this could have easily been a lot worse. heal up.