Post up your utility bike!

Or your grocery getter or your pub crawler or your coffe cruiser or whatever!

Here’s what I’m using for groceries and such at the moment along with a BIG bag. Soon, soon I will be putting together an xtracycle, but untill that glorious day I’m using Clown Shoes Ethel.

Shown here hauling a dozen chilly ones!

Thats Awsome!
Whats in the basket?

[quote=“DDYTDY”]Thats Awsome!
Whats in the basket?[/quote]

Red Stripe! tasty beer from Jamaica in a short, ugly bottle

loving the 7up top tube pad

6x Newcastle, 6x Redstripe. I found that 7up tt pad when I moved into my current place. The basement is a sandy hole full of junk and one of those pieces of junk happened to be a 7up thiemed kid’s bike. Score!
THat bikes a patchwork quilt of junk, a real shit sandwitch. Rear wheel is 700c front is 27". Drop stem & risers= -1, +7. That thing makes me laugh as I ride and everybody who sees me on it looks at me like i’m a special kid, but that just makes me laugh harder!

edit: to correct drunkenness

mah xtracycle

I am currently working on a more elegant solution for the rear light(s)

so you ever just hop on the longboard on back?

I posted this in another thread already, but this setup is what I’ve been using to move everything to my new apartment (usually on my geared bike, sometimes on my SS MTB). I still have a table, chair and mattress left to move. Anybody have any ideas on putting a full mattress and box spring on a trailer?

Step 1) Buy 6 pack
Step 2) Call friend with truck
Step 3) Exchange 6 pack for hauling of mattress

I was doing the weekly “Farmers Market Run” on this set up… But I switched the Hitch to my single speed townie…

Those burley trailors are very cool. I’m almost torn between that and the xtra cycle. the deciding factor is that the xtra cycle will allow me to put together a whole nother bike. hehe.

I am slowly putting together the pieces for my Xtracycle… What is great about the trailer is that when you are not hauling, you don’t bring it. Besides the hitch your bike is unchanged… It does give you a funky ride but it is pretty manageable… If you are like me, then when you decide you have to have a trailer, there is no stopping you… Then a couple months after you get it you realize how little you bolt it on… It is nice to have for carting stuff back and forth from home to work (1 mile).

I plan on using my future Xtracycle mostly for transporting my kids… thats why im not in a hurry…

Short of making your own, what’s the cheapest cargo trailer out there? I’ve been thinking of picking up one of the countless kids trailers that come up on Craigslist, but I’d love to have something a little more basic.

I’ve wanted to haul this guy around… but I’m still not sure how I want to do it.

I think I’m too much of a wuss to do it fixed… but who knows.

Suggestions? He’s like 75… maybe 80 pounds.

Hopefully this will fit in with the utility-ness of this thread. If not, sorry to go off topic.

waiting for xtracycles to come back in stock.

Are you constantly popping a monster wheelie?

This dog is my HERO!

Not sure if it fits a Nutted axel, but this seams like the best deal: ... 20Products

Its Max load is a little lower than the Burley. And you can up the Burley Load limit if you get the weight on the frame, not the fabric.

Check here for other options… … cat?sNav=7

it was a carbon fork

none are mine: