Post yer Sesh

do it

this is my sesh.

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This is a pretty epic sesh:
From the tube.

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haha, aewseome.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]This is a pretty epic sesh:
From the tube.[/quote]

I liked the part when his bike fucking disintegrated. I wonder whether he regretted the second attempt or not after successfully doing it once and not going… “well that was lucky, better call it a day.”

I would never try the same bike twice on a run like that. I would just assume there was too much stress put on it the first time.

you are a scientist

Blah that’s weak.

Me? No. Just a sissy who would never do that in the first place.

What in the world is this thread about?


fixed gear freestyling

ironic fixed gear freestyling

or is it intrinsically ironic in the first place?

I was hoping there would be sick videos of backwards circles in empty parking lots all up in this thread. God damnit.


I made this just for you.


Prolly’s scouts will come knocking any minute now.


I made this just for you.[/quote]


WOOT, now this thread is starting to go places!

Nice kitchen sesh.

I’d be more impressed if you cooked me dinner while trackstanding.

Get to work, Blicks!