Post your 10 km (6.21 mi) TT

Had posted in the Tour de Tarck thread. Moved to its own thread by request.

Post your 10km (6.21mi) TT time.

I wanted to go for a short ride this morning but didn’t want to climb and wasn’t excited about any of the places I normally ride, so I decided to get a base time for a 10km ITT. I rode out to a place where I knew I could fit it in without any stoplights or major intersections. I had to do one turnaround at 7km, but otherwise is was a flat, meandering road with little traffic. At the last stoplight, I reset my distance and took off hard. It wasn’t until after 2km that I realized I had only reset the “Distance 2” so it wasn’t actually timing. I was kind of pissed because I was able to hold almost 40kph for the whole time. I took a few minutes to recover and started again, resetting “Distance 1” this time. That shit started sucking really fast. By 4km, it was hard to stay above 35kph. There was a bit of wind that would gust in from time to time, but not anything that was really solid. I was excited about the turnaround because it meant I got to go back down the 300m of 1% grade that I had just climbed up. That really helped pick up my spirits and I managed to keep it above 36 for the last 3km.

In the end I managed 17 minutes flat. Averaged 35.29kph (21.9mph). The difference between averaging 30kph and 35 is crazy. I plan to check times for a random 10k in the middle of my longer rides just to see if I am improving.

If you can find a stretch of road that lets you time yourself going all out, post your time.

thats awesome. what kind of bike is this on? fixed gear?

my road bike. Not fixed, but I did stay in 50x16 the whole time and I don’t think I coasted except when I was approaching the turnaround.

Wind and grade are always going to be a variable. Averaging two passes on an out and back would more reasonably account for that, but then this would be a 20km TT. I think I could probably average 22mph on something straight and flat with no stops.

Good challenge, I’ll report back

Yeah. I’m going to do the same ride at least once a week and time it then. Same distance to warm up each time. That should give me a good idea. If i was up for a longer ride this morning I might have tried it twice with a rest in between. But I really only wanted to be out for about an hour.

No cycling computer so I guess I will have to stop watch it or something.
I think if I hit my local river cycling path at night it should be good. A 5km stretch and turn around is doable. Need to check a map to see where the turn around would be.

For me, the springwater trail from omsi to sellwood is a mostly flat 3 mile stretch. So I need to do a turnaround and find where another .2 miles will be. I’m sure someone on the nets has already posted that location.

Teh Misfit was made for this shit. I’ll be hitting up the bike path after work one of these nights.

i was told that i cant compete in local TT events because of my brakelessness
which makes little sense to me, seeing as how its in the salt flats (on a tarmac path) and the riders are spaced out

so basically i havent even showed up to one, because it is pretty far away from my house

Yeah, all the organizers want to keep their asses covered i guess. So hammer that shit out guerilla style and post up!

I’ve run a mass start TT style street race in atlanta for the last two years. Like 12mi, so people try to just mash the whole thing. It’s always really fun but really sketchy b/c of the shit some people pull.