Post your TarckBear-14 bike



When I get a day off, this is happening.

Damn you, they haven’t even arrived and you bastards are already wearing out your freehubs. Guess this wouldn’t be tarck if shit was timely.

I have one out of the four hubs i need.

[quote=Rusty Piton]I have 1 out of the 2 hubs and 0 out of the 2 rimz I need.

place saver for better pic
going to go hit 4k’ of mostly gravel on them right meow

Hey, fuck you.

[quote=aek][quote=Rusty Piton]I have 0 out of the 2 hubs and 0 out of the 2 rimz and 0 out of 1 frame I need.

change thread title to ‘make everyone who didnt get in on the tb14gb jealous thread’

did you fix the hub issue, dougie?

yeah kevin, swapped in a new freehub
didnt do peacock, so only a little gravel.
but we did most of the du ronde route-was wishin i had a compact today
this dude on the landshark tourer must be buff bill’s long lost cousin-crazy stong, super skinny, saf

wishin doug had these tires on that bike

you made DDYTDY sad :dramacloud:

and jelly

[quote=Cy Trivialities]wishin doug had these tires on that bike


i have some evo corsa cx’s for upcoming crits, but nothing holds up to gravel and broken glass like the gp4k

You inspire me.

pave = best lookin tire

TC almost ordered a pave clincher for my tubular rim.

Which way should :bear: face when I lace mine up?

Forward when he’s on the bottom or in the direction of rotation?