Powder coating dilemma.

Guys I have a dilemma. I want some black track drops, and I already have some B123s and some RB-019s. Instead of buying new black bars should I just get these powder coated instead? I was told that it would be 20$ total for both bars. Although I am not sure what would be better, semi or high gloss.

I also have an older pair of black Velocity Deep-Vs with MSW which I want to get repainted so they dont have the machined side walls. The rear wheel already has two broken spokes so it needs to be fixed anyway. How much would I be looking at to get it rebuilt if I got it painted? I would call my LBS but its a holiday and everybody is closed.

~50 bones for a rebuild. Go semi. The only high gloss bars I’ve ever seen are on Wally World bikes.

That sucks, I’m at work (LBS) right now :colbert:

time and a half!