Pre-order: Flashy/Fun High Plains Rangers jerseys etc

I started a ride group with a friend a couple years ago. We’ve done over 30 rides in the Denver metro area ranging from 30-130 miles, and on average we do about 50. We hit breweries, take safety meetings, and generally have a blast on the local bike paths/dirt paths.

That is why, when approached by an apparel company, I only wanted to design a jersey if it was comfortable and matched our casual aesthetic. Enter the Mechanic’s Shirt - a button up, collared, breathable, nicely fitted garment with a functioning breastpocket.

After a design party where folks mocked up their ideas with markers, I worked with a designer at Ascend to coalesce the ideas into this amazing, ridiculous garment. We did one pre-order and are about to close a second pre-order. This second time around I decided to add a cap, neck gaiter, and socks to complete the ensemble.

Follow the link to see the various pieces, and note that we are getting a deal at 30% off. Also note I’m not at all profiting off of this. It’s just an effort to get folks into a cool, comfy kit, and advertise our ride group. So if you like the colors and want to rep our squad, the more the merrier!

You should opt to ship to your location, unless you live in Denver, in which case you can opt to ship to HQ (my house) and pick it up from me when it arrives.

Orders should be fulfilled in about 5-6 weeks from now.


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that’s actually a pretty rad ‘jersey’

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Can you post a photo of someone with a bit of extra wearing it?

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and by extra I mean “old fart who loves beer” and not “vegan 20-something who loves beer”


Haha I get you! Here’s a couple pics of ppl in the jersey with the (unisex) size denoted:

Me in a Medium, wife is in an X-small:

Another Medium:

Here’s a Large (He’s like 6’3"):

Here’s a XXL:

And I think @kmcdon got an XL if he wanted to post a selfie… :wink:

Maybe not the most helpful pics but it’s been tough to get a group photo as you might imagine

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Nice! Thank you!

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I did indeed get the XL, and it fits like a large t-shirt.

It’s not quite race-cut sizing but you should def. size up one if you’re full sized.

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Thanks for viewing :smiley: Will post pics in a month of the cap/gaiter/sock/jersey full kit!

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