Price Check: K2 Enemy (the CX bike, not the skis)

2005, but in great shape. Full Ultegra, Ritchey Protocol wheelset, Newish Paul Cantis.

Would $800 be a go or a no on it? I feel like it’s kind of high for a 3 year old K2, but there’s a lot of nice shit hanging off of it.

i thought you were saving up for a vacation or something. wtf mate?

9sp? Cranks with Octolink?


8hundy sounds a bit high.

google is mostly failing me, but it looks like they sell new between a grand and $1800?

if it’s in good condition it seems reasonable, but not a steal or anything.

Saved up enough for a vacation and a bike. Neat.

Ultegra 9sp, don’t remember if it’s octalink. Doesn’t look like it’s been crashed and it tracks straight when I take my hands off the bars.

Octolink BB’s are getting a little scarce. You can still find them but it takes a bit of searching for DA or Ultagra.

$800’s a little high but it do have them sexy brakes.

Show green and haggle. :colbert:

I’d buy. Nice wheels, and great brakes. What are the bars/stem/seatpost? Pedals included?

for comparision, this is what you can get for $900 around here: