pricecheck: sidi dom 4

I have a shot at a new pair of Sidi Dom 4s for $100. I don’t know what they typically cost now. I think that they are up to version 6.

Take a look at them and make sure they aren’t falling apart first. Sometimes the glue in old shoes starts drying out if they aren’t used.

Although these are only 2 years old, so you’ll probably be OK.

$100 is a good deal, assuming they fit.

Do the 4s have the ratchet or just three straps?

Ratchet. They look fairly similar to the 5.

$100 for new ones sounds great then.

They don’t do 4’s anymore, FWIW the euro just pushed the 5’s up to $270.

get em. i love my doms. i paid 45 for a pair of 5’s but hey.
Check the ratchet and make sure it doesn’t pull up. Mine releases to the third click and i’m considering replacing it.
You already have pedals?

I own more pedals than is really sensible. I’ve never owned a pair of Sidi shoes because $200 always strikes me as too much to pay. This seems like it might be a decent opportunity.

just try em out first! Good find.

i want my feet to be dominated by sidis