Profile Fixed Launched

I thought these have been available for a while. They’re already in the QBP catalog, as I remember.

Anyway, they’re kind of cool, but does the world really need another colored track hub?

They only make fixed hubs, and they do so with a 44mm chainline?
the fuck?

they’ve been out for a little while… John Prolly has 'em and seems to like 'em a lot (I’d trust his opinion… he seems to ride his bikes very hard). they just launched the fixed gear specific site today though.

profile makes some really nice stuff. though these are a little steep. im just gonna stick to formulas.

ah alright, I thought I had seen em up on benscycle when I was looking into a new wheel build.
glad I didnt get em, I still stand by my comment, why make a 44mm chainline on a fixed hub unless you are re-using a hub body you already have maybe? Too expensive for laziness IMHO.

the robb story. ha! i can haz fixed/fixed?