Protecting Your Bike While Touring

How do you protect your bike from rain (at night) while touring?
Tarp? One of those weird bike covers? Nothing? I will be camping almost every night and know that there will inevitably be times when it rains. I don’t want to leave my bike (and bags, since I don’t know that I’ll have room in my one person tent) to get shat on by the sky all night.

How do you protect your bike from theft while touring?
U-lock? Cable & padlock? The former would be stronger; the latter more versatile and (with my cable, only possibly) lighter.

(p.s. getting ready for this tour has been a hell of a lot more expensive than I thought)

Does your tent have a vestibule? Mine will cover most of my gear. For the bike I would just keep the seat covered and things lubricated. If you want to cover it, you may want to carry a light tarp and some extra stakes.

no, it doesn’t. Well, it does have an area at the front that you can velcro out to keep the rain from blowing in, and now that I think about it if I keep that zipped during the rain anyway I can probably cover my bags through a combination of putting them under there and in the tent. That might work.

Maybe not the best idea, but easy to pack and cheap: Saran wrap. Cover the seat and chain and whatever else.

lean it up against a tree, cover the saddle with a plastic bag if its a brooks or you really hate wet butts

how are you going to protect it from the rain if it starts raining when you are riding? or if the streets are wet?

you are overthinking this.

where r u riding to / touring ?

You may want to try a few 50 miles out and camp overnights to test your system, BTW.

And get a headlamp. Headlamps rock.


[quote=“biekridder”]how are you going to protect it from the rain if it starts raining when you are riding? or if the streets are wet?

you are overthinking this.[/quote]

If it rains while reading I would prefer to stop. I hate riding in the rain more than I hate riding in 20 degree weather. It fucking sucks.

I’m not worried about wet roads, i’m worried about my gear getting absolutely soaked and my bike sitting in water for hours on end.

The ride is around lake Michigan.

I was seriously considering this. I think it would be awesome for regular riding and for touring, as well as reading/doing other stuff in camp at night. The front light I have is flashlight shaped though, made out of aluminum, waterproof, and hella bright. So I’ll probably just use that. If during the ride I find I really want a headlamp I can buy one in some town we pass through.

I’ve thought about this, but I leave on Monday and have spent the past two weeks off the bike. Not ideal by any means, but my girlfriend was visiting so I had other priorities. Plus the person I’m going with is probably not the strongest rider nor very interested in doing super long days. We’re going to be mostly following a guide book which, and since we’ll be heading through lots of towns I can always pick something up if I decide I absolutely need it.

You should be carrying a poncho and a little duct tape anyways, that should do the trick nicely.

what biek are you ridding?

I think a mini-u and a light cable for locking wheels or for situations where a u won’t work would be fine. You might be able to get away with less, but the bike is your way home. It would suck to have it stolen.

As for the bike getting wet, just cover the saddle with a bag. A little water isn’t going to cause your bike to melt/explode. If you can cover it with a poncho or something, great, but don’t bring a heavy-ass tarp for this.

The frame plus some parts are the Planet X Kaffenback that bward was selling a while back. Dura ace double crankset (ebay), ultegra hubs laced to open pros (ebay), random bars (parts bins), thomson elite seatpost (borrowed from my fixed gear), selle italia saddle (also borrowed). Tiagra STI shifters and front derailleur from a swap meet, 105 rear from ebay. It’s a mish-mash of used stuff.

The gearing is 53/39 and 12-23 which, even for such a flat area, might not be enough so I’m debating getting a bigger cassette. That’s even more money though (I’ve already spent over $1300 on the bike and all the gear (tent, sleeping bag, cooking stuff, etc)) and I’m kind of convincing myself that I can just push it. Part of me says that riding with a higher gearing will make me stronger, but the logical part of me just says it will probably just make me cranky after a few weeks (no pun intended).

I bought Jandd Mountain panniers for both front and back (standard and large, respectively) and have a Jandd rack on the front. I put a $30 Topeak rack on the back which I hate the idea of, but they claim it can hold up to 55lbs and the Jandd standard rear rack which is like $47 is only rated up to 40 or 45lbs. It looks like it should do the trick, but I just have this hatred for topeak after selling them at the Trek shopped I worked in.

I’ve been meaning to take a picture so if I do I’ll post it.

yall thought i was joking ... icycle.asp

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