ProvTarck Assemble!!

Soooo, what’s the plan for tonight?

We’re all going to ride up to Jimmy John’s for some sandwiches.

Oh wait…

[quote=“m4bandit”]We’re all going to ride up to Jimmy John’s for some sandwiches.

Oh wait…[/quote]

cool, westminster street is a great place to meet.

Oh wait…

Wait what?

I’m down for anything. Its thundering and pouring out. Thats cool.

Beers? But blicks is sans ID?

Riding? Well… muddy riding?

OOH I know. Skidding on the wet cobblestone streets.

nobody’s in columbus… !

I would be down for meeting Jimmy John. I know him persoanlly, he’s a strong rider.

If I really felt like it I could get drunk off my ass at home and pass out before we get to the bar. You only have to be 18 to enter right? I should be good then, I don’t look under 18.

No you need ID to get in 'round these parts. We could grab some beers at a packie and brown bag it. That works for me. I think I have a spare water bottle holder around in my parts box.

i was thinking something like beers at the AS220? not really a bar so the ID is no biggie ('cept for the not getting served thing).

Oh that works. Plus they have burritos and a bike rack out front.

While I’m still at work maybe I can get a hold of the photocopy they made of my ID. That won’t work will it? I have my school ID I could show to verify the name and picture.

cool cool, what time is good for ya’ll? blicks, i may even be able to vouch for your age, even w/o ID. maybe.

Anytime after 5 works for me. I’m just about 12 miles away from my current apartment so it will take me roughly an hour to get over there. I can’t decide which bike to ride over…

I get home like 7

Which one best matches your outfit? That’s the one I’d wear. I mean ride.

yeah, i think that i need to put my fix back together before i leave work at 4. Wanna say 8ish?

8 sounds good. I’ll toss my lights on and head over.

come down my way!

somehow I saw Prov and, once I got over my initial confusion (Provisional?), thought it might be Provo…

admittedly Providence makes more sense…

jesus christ get a regional forum you guys…we don’t want to see that in public

who is this we?

I find local tarck get togethers downright heartwarming…