handup xl shorts, pretty sure never worn. 36-38 waist but id say theyre closer to 34. - $SOLD

medium chrome windbreaker in decent shape - $SOLD

e13 34t single speed chainring 104bcd - $SOLD

oury lock ons - $SOLD

basic wtb volt - $SOLD

29x2.0 thunder burts. they’re covered in stans boogs but they probably only have like 200 miles on em, tops (tops tops) - $SOLD

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Thunderburts are 29x2.1?


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I’ll take the tires and the saddle.


I could probably squeeze into a L but ill take dem handup shorts.

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I’ll take chainring and the volt saddle and the ourys

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let me know if they end up too big

Volt is spoken for but other stuff is yours.

Chainring is 35t not 34. Is that acceptable?

Yeah man!

i hope youre a fan of things fitting perfectly into a box. if you aren’t, this transaction is wasted. oof it fit so good.


Briefly did shipping at a warehouse in 2020 and really do appreciate a well packed box. It won’t go uncoticed.


Cane Creek WAM wheels. 26”, 100/135, rim brake. Titanium spokes. $SOLD

Handup Pubes gloves. $SOLD. Size small.

Wet ass mussy

yes please

@oogens beat you to them.

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Damn. I really need them incase the blue Rolf’s on my Litespeed ever wear out. Don’t know anything about titanium spokes tho.

Probably best for you to just buy the frame they were on too. In case the litespeed breaks.