Quality 1" Threadless Headsets

What do you guys run? What’s the cheapest decent one? I’m trying to convince my girl that she doesn’t need a CK headset on her Kilo.

Old Schwinn. Grab one from the parts bin. those things last forever. I’ll never understand people’s headset obsession. It’s rediculous to put a $150 headset on a $200 frame. Seriosly, I can hardly tell the diference between the headset on my '67 LeTour and the Campy Record headset on my steamroller.

ive got a cane creek s2. i think it was around $50 or so. its pretty nice. sealed bearings which i like. only black and silver, no bling like chris kings.

^ +1

Cane Creek headsets are my favorite “install it and don’t mess with it again” part.

Cane Creek S2, but for some reason, the 1" variety is like $30 more expensive than the 1 1/8" type.

Cane Creeks are great from what I’ve heard.

I have a brand new Cane Creek C2 in silver if you’re interested. I’m in the Bay Area as well.

where are you finding those numbers? i was actually under the impression that there is only a 1"

If CC is only making a 1" kind now, then that’s a new development. I have a 1 1/8" S2 that I bought off Nashbar two years ago for $20. It’s on my IRO group buy frame right now. I’m looking at it across the room.

Anyone know the difference between the S2 and S3. I have a S3 on my mountain bike and a S2 on my road bike. Just turned out that way because its what I got a deal on at the times I bought them.

I’ve been looking over the CC website but no facts just marketing speak about them.

They both allow the bars to turn, right? That’s pretty much alls I need to know about a headset.

same here. i’m sure it’s to my detriment, but my criteria for a headset is a) can i afford it? and b) does it work?

so far my cheap ritchey logic headset is working fine. i don’t expect it to last for more than 1 year max, but i’m ok with that. it only cost me $15 from nashbar.

of course, i ride junk mostly anyway, so i’m sure if i actually had decent shit i’d care, but i live too poor for that.

I have the C2 and a WCS in 1" on bikes I own. Both were affordable and do as much as one could reasonably ask of a headset.

Seriously, go for old stock!
check it!

Seven bux!

^ - Doesn’t look threadless to me.

Oh jeez, I’m an idiot, I just saw 1" and didn’t read the rest. That is indeed a 1" threaded headset.
There are no markings of any kind on it and it works just fine.

ritchey wcs is my favorite in 1". s2 is also nice but not quite the same level of fit and finish.


i take back everything i said.

that ritchey logic headset was a piece of shit.

it could be that the headtube on my bike is bent and cracked, as i just discovered. but either way that plastic shit on the ritchey headset is dumb.

world = hated.

S-2 ftw

Ritchey logic is a pos.

I had a FSA Orbit on my last bike. Just had a shop take it off the mangled frame so I can use it again (maybe). It was smooth, but the compression ring was kind of annoying.