*Quicksilver Fundraiser*

I was conversing with :bear: recently and it came to his attention that I had never experienced the spiritual awakening that is Quicksilver. In earnest I replied, “Oh great and omnipotent TarckBear, there exists no torrent and nary frostwire file!”

To which the almighty replied, “Then thou shalt construct a fundraiser of tarckeriffic proportions, to purchase and rip the holy flick and make available to all future generations of Tarck that which is essential to salvation!”

So I guess what I’m saying is, would anybody be down for this? I haven’t seen the movie, and it’s impossible to find a download and I refuse to pay full price for something that’s so old it should be free now anyway.

People could donate however much they wanted, and we’d just buy the movie on ebay, rip it and throw it up on rapidshare or something. You know, for the future tarck generations and such.

I found a download of it not too long ago. You just aren’t looking hard enough.

Also suck it up and buy it.

Who are you and why should I give you my fucking money?

Not me specifically. Anybody trustworthy like DH or Zelah or whoever

You’re lame.

I own a copy of that movie; such is my tarckness. I shall watch it tonight and telepathically transmit all I see and hear to you.

May the good Tarckbear smile upon you

Alternatively, if I knew how to rip a movie off of a dvd and turn it into a torrent I would do so.

If you have a Mac, this is what I use to rip. Also, the name is funny.


Ok, I’m working on it but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow after I’m done with work before you’ll see any results. May Tarckbear bless you with patience.


I’ve never seen it either.
Send me money?

ive seen quicksilver and breaking away.

wheres my money?


I’ve seen breaking away!
Why won’t anyone pay me to watch movies.
There is somting wrong in the world.

hey i want to go see all the movies in theaters right now so someone paypal me 100 bux.
fuck off

I wanna build a movie theater in my house.
Somebody paypal me 100,000bux.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]I wanna build a movie theater in my house.
Somebody paypal me 100,000bux.[/quote]
What kinda cheap ass theater are you building???

I demand at least $10.3 million for my theater. 24 screens, stadium seating, the best fucking popcorn you’ve ever had all served to you by Brazilian bikini models.*

[size=85]*Brazilian bikini models not likely.[/size]

Count Jim out. He’s not into hot brown sluts.

Nah, Jim might be in on this. Hot brown sluts are Indian girls who are hot and slutty. Brazilian girls are just really, really, really tanned. But now that you mention it, maybe I should have a more diverse employee roster. One with an international appeal. I should also probably drop the “hot” and “slutty” parts before I get sued. It should just be assumed.