Raise your hand if you like riding NAKED!

On Sunday night I was up lat writing an essay for Social Deviance about nudity. It kinda stuck in my head, and today was a really nice day so I hit the Katy trail, and I stripped down as soon as I was outside of the city limits. So nice! Way more comfortable than riding in jeans. I ate up about 20 sunny/breezy miles along the Missouri River? Am I the only one who is all about this?

I fall way too much. If I ever rode naked, I would probably lose a testicle.


did it a lot this summer, but i’m gonna hold off on it for a while…

edit @cap-cap: the mks grip kings give you a massage when you ride barefoot. dunno how that is for long rides.

been done drunk.

but bare feet on spiky ass BMX pedals sucks

xnay on riding with a cutout saddle i now sing soprano

uhh no. I do many many things naked. THIS is not one of them. I love my tattoos and testicles too much to risk the possiblity of horrendous road rash.

Now let’s you just drop them pants…just take em right off.

Put your fucking hands down. Worse than Will Farrel, all of you.

I ride my girl naked… the Cross Check, not so much…

I like riding shirtless.

riding in just a bib, feels pretty naked too me.

but ive been meaning to organize a “ride in your underwear” alleycat
…once it warms up

i would ride in underwear, but i think naked would be super uncomfortable. i once rode without a bra on and that was painful enough.

+1 Dangly parts need support on a bike. I normaly don’t wear underwear except when I ride my bike, cuz accidentally sitting on your nutsack sucks.

i should probably mention that when the weather is a tad warmer we usually end up playing a few games of strip polo. that gets fun

This would be fun, especially if the area had a lot of foot traffic.

I actually got arrested for indecent exposure once cause my friend mooned some people while I was driving.
Turned out they werent 18 yet and cause they were minors the parents tried to have us fucked over.
It was a fucking mess and in a line up the kids said it was ME who did it…and I was only driving the car. Idiots.
Anyway, we finally plead guilty and just got a years probation. Of course by that time we had spent a couple grand each on court costs and a cheap lawyer.

^ That sounds really really frustrating. I hate stupid parents who get their panties in a bunch over nothing.

Shouldn’t have gone in the lineup dude.