Rate your NüTransarkction


I bought a thing from russ. Fast shipped, got it way before I expcted.
A++++ Would do biddness again.


i bought the official tarck olmo from rusty. i paid him. he shipped it. it arrived. it’s not broken. i’m satisfied.


Yes. The transaction went off without a hitch.


Shouldn’t that be NuTarckAction?


Seems like we all know each other well enough to not need a transaction vetting thread, but for the record: I bought a torque wrench set off of Faxmachine, it works real good, and he sent it nice and quick.


I traded a dumpstered old Trek to Spaghetti for a bottle of Elijah Craig.
A+ transaction would nuTarck again.


If anyone buys anything from me I will either ship it immediately or completely forget to until you ask where it is.


can confirm that this is true. rusty_piton is a good man.


Bought a thing from Fax machine. Sent money, he shipped. Would buy again.


Bought Wheels from kmcdon
wheels showed up


Bought a thing from the artist currently known as @SentientLawnFlamingo.
As fine a transarcktion as I’ve ever had. Satisfaction.


yet another fine interaction with relatable mimeograph. i paid, he said oh whoops it’ll be a few til i can send the stuff, i said sure, sounds fine, then the stuff showed up in a totally reasonable amount of time. check plus.


I’m late on feedback, but the last couple things I bought from Ramenbowl Firetruck have shipped quickly and been an excellent value. A+ tarck seller


we already knew capn pants is an A+ person, but she’s also an A+ seller


Yes, she sent me a tire before I paid her for it.


New user name in 3, 2, 1…


@b-roll sent me money, I sent him a thing. A+++ no drama great transaction would transact again.